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It's Alright to Cry

Did you ever hear the song, "It's Alright to Cry" from the 1970"s Free To Be You and Me project? Here is a link, and a warning, it is very 1970's. Reflecting on our three month long summer in the US which ended yesterday, I am thinking of this charming quirk-ball of a song. If you saw me this summer, chances are I cried with you a little bit. Or a lot. And so, I dedicate this lachrymose post to you.

Reflecting on the summer of 2019 I would sum it up as a wonderful, yet weepy summer. I really, really cried a lot. In fact, I am assured now that I can function completely and wholly through hours, days, and months on end, pretty much in a tearful state. And it ain't so bad, just like the song says. I am relieved and grateful that my dear friends and family were supportive and just kind of, well, went with the flow. And it felt good.

I come from a long stream of cryers. Both my grandfathers were weepy, even and especially at happy occasions. They were World War II vets, professionals, serious, family men, and they were present to their emotions and let the tears shine. Perhaps their experiences in "the greatest generation" turned up the volume on feeling and appreciating the things and people in their lives, and somehow the physiological response are tears.

If you know my wonderful mother, you can see the wellspring I inherited, quite thankfully. Whether crying from laughter or sadness, these welcome tears bring relief and comfort. It's a gift to cry. The greater gift is to be surrounded by loving people while you do it. And this summer I had the blessing of crying with family, friends, and even strangers, which has added a depth of appreciation to this mysterious bodily function.

You'll never guess, but I'm crying right now writing this because its what I do. I could be an Olympic cryer. It is kind of amazing how much water can come out of a human. You'll be hearing about Israel's mysterious boon of abundant water this season, and it could very well be sourced from this one human's face. So rest assured, there will be water in the desert this year.

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