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On the Brink

I read a headline that Iran threatens to nuke Tel Aviv any moment. Did I miss the memo coming here? While I keep apprised of current events, I filter out a lot of news in an attempt to differentiate insightful news from incite-ful news.

Israel is a dream and a reality. We are here, and also there. What is the threshold between fantasy and reality? Elie and I and the kids are navigating the realities of our day, school, friends, work and homework, and the fantasy of our alternative life here. Some fantasies are amazing, like the joy of wishing everyone on the street a Shana Tovah, a Happy Jewish New Year. What a wonder that everyone is Jewish! And, what a bummer that we are threatened with a darn nuke.

Are they both fantasies? This Jewish State, a country filled tiny, mighty people, and the terrible threats that loom as we go about our everyday activities? What and when makes them real? Does reality only meet in the instant moment where we are still here and not blown into oblivion, only proven by the momentary movement from future to past?

I realize now that so much of our life we are dreaming. Even our assessment of ourselves, who we think we are, what we think we do, may just be dreams. I find myself on the brink and I agreeably surrender. Perched up here on the 8th floor, overlooking the city streets, I surrender to this Israel state, and my sense of being in this state. There is here now for us, and it is a beautiful and frightening assurance.

Shana Tovah, Happy and Peaceful New Year to all. We are heading to Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana. Thinking of you.

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