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The Difference Between Luggage and Baggage

We are registering the kids for school today. It brings up the traumatizing visit we had to an Israeli private school a few weeks ago on our search to find a good school option. I have lost sleep over our upsetting visit there. The school was beautiful and our kids loved it. They didn't see the disrespect, disorganization, and lack of professionalism that Elie and I experienced. The things they said about our kids and the way they treated us has grated on me and I still think of it. We have since found two excellent school options that are way better for our family so I wish I could leave my negative feelings from that school visit in the past. Why am I carrying it with me? When I packed for this trip I packed light and it feels great. The thought of half empty closets and shelves makes me feel healthy, open, and unburdened. We packed the things we need in our luggage and didn't carry excess baggage. I wish I could do the same with my emotions.

We had settled on a lovely public school that we intended to sign the kids up for today. However, just yesterday we hailed a taxi and got in to find a woman already riding in the cab yelling at the driver for picking us up. We started chatting (in between yelling at the driver) and she said the best school in Tel Aviv is in our neighborhood and only open to residents of the neighborhood. We looked into it, and sure enough, our neighborhood school is the best. We registered for the neighborhood school and will visit next week when the staff returns from vacation.

Our incidental taxi rider has a kid in Jonah's grade, so we made plans to meet when the kids are back from camp. I suppose the moral is: DON'T carry excess baggage with you that will weigh you down, but DO sometimes pick up strangers in taxi cabs because it may lead somewhere new and better. Life in transit.

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