Compassion as a Superpower

This is a potato. It is intended to represent a hot potato, which is what my family calls it when someone who is upset tries to pull you into their emotional spiral. My brother taught me this. At times, people will try to give you their hot potato when they are upset. You can choose to take it, and get upset too, holding their hot potato, or you can choose not to take it and remain unaffected. This summer I was with my brother at a BP gas station in Beachwood, Ohio. It is the moment I realized that Josh and I have superpowers. Here is what happened. We pulled up to a gas pump, and I noticed the car in front of me was a distance of about a full car width away from the second pump, and no one

It's Alright to Cry

Did you ever hear the song, "It's Alright to Cry" from the 1970"s Free To Be You and Me project? Here is a link, and a warning, it is very 1970's. Reflecting on our three month long summer in the US which ended yesterday, I am thinking of this charming quirk-ball of a song. If you saw me this summer, chances are I cried with you a little bit. Or a lot. And so, I dedicate this lachrymose post to you. Reflecting on the summer of 2019 I would sum it up as a wonderful, yet weepy summer. I really, really cried a lot. In fact, I am assured now that I can function completely and wholly through hours, days, and months on end, pretty much in a tearful state. And it ain't so bad, just like the song sa

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