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Happy Birthday Rosa Gertner Miller

It's my birthday today! May, 1. I am 44 years old, and very happy. It has been a lovely quiet day. I am catching up with friends and family and had some lovely surprises. I share my birthday this year with a somber annual tradition. Tonight starts the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah. The alarm will sound soon here in Tel Aviv, and the country will stop in silent convocation.

Eitan brought a candle home from school today with the name of a single Holocaust victim. We will light the candle in her memory. Her name is Rosa Gertner Miller. She was from Romania. She was a housewife. I notice that she was 41 when she died, just a few years younger than I am.

I'm thinking of you Rosa. Your candle will illuminate our dinner table tonight. In front of my friends and family who read my little digital pages, I dedicate my 44th birthday to you. May your memory be a blessing.

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