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Heart is Where the Home Is

Tonight I leave Tel Aviv on my first trip back since making a new home. We can't undo what we have done. If home is where the heart is, once we set up another home, if my calculation is correct, our single heart divides in two. I love both and leave part of my heart in each place.

I am anxious and excited, as are the children. When I think of the heavy hearts we may encounter there, I reassure myself that whatever I feel, and the kids feel can be handled with care. We will pack in a lot of visits with friends and family, a few Cavs games, a lot of latkes, and then we will come back. If you read this timely, we may even see you!

Is it a big world or a small world? I hardly know anymore. Is the country I left the same? From the news I don't recognize it. Even our Cleveland house has been changing since we've been away. Maybe I am not the same too. And our gorgeous Tel Aviv apartment is a rental. It seems that even a home can be elusive.

When I catch a whiff of Middle East affairs coupled with the reek of Washington, I feel like it could all blow away. What is happening? I do believe that love is at the heart of all things, and will be our source of healing. That, I suppose is the true meaning of the old adage. Home is where the heart is, meaning, where our heart is, where our love is, is where we find ourselves home.

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