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My New Profession

I think I like millinery because of all the hats I like to wear. Architects are a “jack of all trades and master of none,” they say. It's a good first profession, a noble trade. I carry it with pride, in my wallet on my licensed architect’s card.

Architecture is an easy answer to the profession question, “ so, what do you do?” and makes a nice profession impression. A jack of all trades you say? I can work with that.

I lay claim to many professions, if indeed the root is to profess. I am a dreamer, a gardener, a scientist, a cook. A milliner, teacher, seamstress, and writer, you see! Right now it's true.

I am an explorer! A voyager! And today I lay claim.

I am a sailor. It's 3 am and everyone on the ship is sleeping. My view from our apartment is the cityscape with a bit of the sea peeking through. Perhaps that's why I am a sailor today. It's 36 hours into our new journey, and the kids have their first day of school behind them. I am the co-captain of this mysterious ship that is just taking shape as we ride it.

I peer through my telescope. Ahoy! Nothing but the horizon ahead. The wind pushes us and I relish the momentum. My hand is on the tiller. The wind and I agree to work together to steer the ship.

The kids started their new school in a new country in a familiar but unmastered language. The blessing of doing this is beyond measure. To sail the open seas! Is this freedom? Power? Are we vulnerable brit to be swallowed by the sea? Oh Moby, stay under water. I am not hunting you.

For now the crew still sleeps. The waters are calm. I decide it's going to be a good day at sea.

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