What the f*@! is Struedel????

Image of Struedel from Schaer First, I must tell you that the opening story is not relevant at all. I wish you could skip it, but it leads into the struedel explanation, so please just ride it out. It is pretty windy over here in Tel Aviv, especially on our 8th floor patio. A couple of our lounge cushions blew off, not exactly a crisis, just an inconvenience. Again, the particulars of this story are not relevant. I had a guy over to measure to make new cushions and he was telling me his email so I could send him a photograph of the cushion to make. Yes, this is proof that I am really living life here, as I met with a cushion maker today. As he told me the letters of his email, he said with a

The Many Kinds of Sky

Someone told me that when you learn a new language, you learn a new culture. It is amazing how differently I learn to see the world with different words. I am more cognizant of how I use words and about communication in general, even reflecting on my English habits, which before I took for granted. Communication just was what it was, another part of my singular reality. I have mastered a look of "ok, I know what you are saying," which I use a lot during the day when someone is speaking to me in Hebrew and I haven't a clue what they are saying. It's too much work in various situations to bother disappointing them with my lack of understanding. I just smile. Accept when someone is yelling it m

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