Ah, Ha! va

You have found Love! I have found love. The Hebrew word for love is ahava, (like the dead sea body care line), and we have found it. Not the body care line, LOVE, love. Tel Aviv is a city of love. It is a city of love and acceptance. I see Israeli flags, rainbow flags, vegan friendly signs. The city has Israeli religious life intermingled with just about everything else the human spirit can offer. It is like an ice cream with lots of scoops of various flavors, topped with chocolate sauce, and strawberry sauce, and caramel, and sprinkles and all the good things that can and should go together. Life is good here. It's loving and sweet, diverse in texture and direction, wholesome and edgy at th

Heart is Where the Home Is

Tonight I leave Tel Aviv on my first trip back since making a new home. We can't undo what we have done. If home is where the heart is, once we set up another home, if my calculation is correct, our single heart divides in two. I love both and leave part of my heart in each place. I am anxious and excited, as are the children. When I think of the heavy hearts we may encounter there, I reassure myself that whatever I feel, and the kids feel can be handled with care. We will pack in a lot of visits with friends and family, a few Cavs games, a lot of latkes, and then we will come back. If you read this timely, we may even see you! Is it a big world or a small world? I hardly know anymore. Is th

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