Basic Miss Understanding (Lincolin Street)

Photo of Abraham Lincoln Street, pronounced Avraham Linco-lin in Hebrew, of course. Just call me Miss Understanding, or Ms. Understanding, as the case may be. It is important to us to become conversational in the modern Israeli language, Hebrew, in our daily lives. Elie speaks perfect taxicab Hebrew. The boys are doing remarkably well navigating school in their second language. Then there is me. Who, you ask? That's right, “me!” In Hebrew, the sound “ME” means who, “WHO” means he, and “HE” means she. I can't make this stuff up. When Elie asked who left the toilet seat up in the bathroom, I raised my hands in exasperation, “OY, MEEE?!” (meaning “who???” in Hebrew, but of course sounding like

Um, how do you say EARTHQUAKE in Hebrew?

Last night during as we settled in around 8pm, which is called 20:00 around here, we felt a strange sensation. All four of us felt as if we were rocking, and not in a good way. We heard creeking noises as the entire apartment structure stretched and swayed. We figured we would make good use of our bomb shelter/luxury walk-in-closet, and gathered there. We looked at our phones to see if there was an alert of some kind. It took another 10 minutes before the news started to confirm our suspicion that an earthquake occurred. I knew in my heart that the gentle swaying we were feeling meant that not too far someone was suffering much more. Indeed, we felt the horrible earthquake that you may have

Magic Chicken Soup

Magic soup. We eat chicken soup every Friday night with our family Shabbat dinner. I love the idea that the kids have a savory, rich, and fragrant traditional soup every week that marks the Sabbath. I hope the smell and taste evokes deep memories for them long into the future. The kids never complain about the repetitiveness of chicken soup, in fact, they would likely complain if it isn't served. It is indeed magic soup. The freezer is my friend. In Cleveland, where everything is BIGGER, I have a very large soup pot. I make a gigantic pot of chicken soup about once a month. I freeze the soup in several containers which I keep in our extra freezer (yes an extra freezer for our big soup made i

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