On the Brink

I read a headline that Iran threatens to nuke Tel Aviv any moment. Did I miss the memo coming here? While I keep apprised of current events, I filter out a lot of news in an attempt to differentiate insightful news from incite-ful news. Israel is a dream and a reality. We are here, and also there. What is the threshold between fantasy and reality? Elie and I and the kids are navigating the realities of our day, school, friends, work and homework, and the fantasy of our alternative life here. Some fantasies are amazing, like the joy of wishing everyone on the street a Shana Tovah, a Happy Jewish New Year. What a wonder that everyone is Jewish! And, what a bummer that we are threatened with a

My New Profession

I think I like millinery because of all the hats I like to wear. Architects are a “jack of all trades and master of none,” they say. It's a good first profession, a noble trade. I carry it with pride, in my wallet on my licensed architect’s card. Architecture is an easy answer to the profession question, “ so, what do you do?” and makes a nice profession impression. A jack of all trades you say? I can work with that. I lay claim to many professions, if indeed the root is to profess. I am a dreamer, a gardener, a scientist, a cook. A milliner, teacher, seamstress, and writer, you see! Right now it's true. I am an explorer! A voyager! And today I lay claim. I am a sailor. It's 3 am and everyon

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