Visiting Day

I'm not going to lie. Visiting day at camp was hard. We knew Eitan and Jonah were going to ask to come home when we got there. They were happy to see us and cried in the first few minutes and really cried when we left. In between, they showed us their lovely rooms, each with 4 cots, a shower and toilet, and very strong air conditioning. Eitan has a best friend, Tom, from Bulgaria in his room. Jonah has 2 boys going home from his room, but his friend is moving in so he is excited about that. They loved the food packages we brought, which were grotesque in quantity for 5 more nights, but the only way we could spoil the boys besides taking them home. The camp is a naval boarding school during t


Elie and I are hand holders when we walk together. Since we are walking around Tel Aviv all day, we are holding hands a lot. This first week here we are doing everything together, shopping for sheets and towels, dishes, pots and pans, exploring the new school and neighborhood. We are just trucking down the tree lined sidewalk, hand in hand. Handholding is lovely. It is reassuring and loving. We instinctively hold hands crossing the street. It provides a sense of mutual safety. Handholding in the metaphorical sense isn't so positive. When one needs handholding at a job or task, it is because they can't figure out how to do it themself. It doesn't mean they don't have good support around them,

The Difference Between Luggage and Baggage

We are registering the kids for school today. It brings up the traumatizing visit we had to an Israeli private school a few weeks ago on our search to find a good school option. I have lost sleep over our upsetting visit there. The school was beautiful and our kids loved it. They didn't see the disrespect, disorganization, and lack of professionalism that Elie and I experienced. The things they said about our kids and the way they treated us has grated on me and I still think of it. We have since found two excellent school options that are way better for our family so I wish I could leave my negative feelings from that school visit in the past. Why am I carrying it with me? When I packe

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